EZONE PHARMA provides access to affordable branded generic medication committed to exceeding the Expectations of Healthcare providers and patience, Ezone Pharma is committed to maintaining a culture of quality at its state-of-the-art facility which meets National and international regulatory standards, Ezone Pharma commercializing high-quality safe affectionate and cost-effective Pharmaceutical...

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EZONE PHARMA commercializing high-quality safe affectionate and cost-effective pharmaceutical products that exceed our patients and customer expectations.

Ezone Pharma delivers all aspects of the sales, marketing, regulatory and pricing functions needed to maximize pharmaceutical and healthcare brands to their full potential. The highest quality sales, the strategic and tactical plans are implemented to the highest standards, delivering success in some of the most challenging way.


Ezone Pharma actively works to ensure that its medicines are marketed responsibly and in accordance with the regulatory frameworks in each space it operates in Ezone Pharma prides itself on being an ethical company and continues to work closely with regulators and within strict regulatory constraints to address the unmet need of patients across the region.

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EZONE PHARMA cancer supportive care portfolio includes products for treating neuro-oncological and hematological malignancies.
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For the department of nephrology, EZONE provides comprehensive and benevolent care to the patients across the spectrum of acute and chronic kidney diseases. We also provide life saving medications steroids for post transplanted patients for affordable and low cost.
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Injections are the sterile solutions or suspensions of drugs in aqueous or oily vehicle meant for introduction into the body by means of an injectable needle under or through one or more layers of the skin or mucous membrane.

How We Do

EZONE PHARMA is a multi-national style organization with international expertise, regional knowledge and local influence. We operate the most effective model for doing business in the Karnataka Region, implementing exceptional corporate governance and promotional compliance standards. Ezone pharma delivers the highest standards to commercialize brands.

Sujitha Stany
(General Manager)

Sujitha Stany born and brought up in Karnataka who is Post Graduate Honors Degree in Commerce and completed her Masters Degree in marketing from Amity University Noida, She is a gold medalist from the University and her marketing research found as excellent and deliberate.

Being a marketing student, she was always passionate about the Commerce. Her inclination towards medicines and her fondness for brainstorming marketing strategies helped her lay to work with Ezone.

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We value our customer’s life more than anything.

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